Life can change in an instant. One moment you are planning for the future and the next you are in the NICU or the emergency room speaking to trained professionals who are using words you've never heard before being strung together in sentences that sound very serious. You feel lost, overwhelmed and terrified that the family you've built could change forever. Wouldn't the comfort of being able to take on these challenges while still in your home town, going to sleep in your own bed and accepting support from friends and family be huge?

We are very blessed to have Children's Miracle Network, Virginia Mason Memorial, Children's Village, The Memorial Foundation, Pediatrics Unit and donors who are working together to create the supplies, the education and the assistance to our Central Washington residence. If you didn't know, this is a very special offering that isn't common across the country. With the donations from our community we have managed to sustain and also grow this incredible program that showcases what other places across the country are attempting to recreate.

This Friday, October 16th, 2020 between the hours of 2 pm - 6 pm 107.3 KFFM is taking that call to action to the airwaves for the Children's Miracle Network One Call One Miracle Radiothon. We have compiled stories from local families who have benefited from these services, their families are thriving because of the information and skilled guidance they were provided, none of which would be possible with local donations.

Just to give you an idea, 15% of babies in our valley are in need of these services. If we didn't have these options, families would have to have their children flown to Spokane or Seattle, attempting to maintain their jobs while continuing to make appointments three to four hours away for each check-up. That would break anyone so if there is anything that you are able to give, this is the time.

You can call the Academy Mortage Phone Bank to donate 509-966-3747

Donate online at

You could set-up a monthly reoccurring gift of $10, $15, $20 or more and become a Monthly Miracle Maker with your name featured outside the Memorial Café Hospital .

Every single dollar raised stays right here in the Yakima Valley and here is what different types of donations look like.

  • $5 provides a book for parents to read to their child
  • $5 snacks for feeding support
  • $5 provide a craft activity for a child participating in Sibshops (sibling support workshops)
  • $15 Coffee or snacks for our parent support groups
  • $15 Toys for the playroom
  • $15 Provide a gift cards to say thank you to a youth mentor participating in our one 2 one social recreation program
  • $25 Helps provide supervision in the playroom for a sibling of a patient who is coming to an appointment at Children's Village
  • $50 Gas cards for a family coming from the lower valley or Kittitas
  • $50 weighted blanket for a child with sensory issues
  • $100 Support a family with a new diagnosis with parent to parent support connecting them with another family who has lived that experience
  • $100 a helmet to keep a kid safe
  • $250 Help provide an orthotic to assist a child with a muscle weakness to be able to walk
  • $500 an adaptive tricycle where a chld can pedal with their arms when their legs are not working

and so much more. It all makes a difference and I really hope that you tune-in to learn, to laugh and cry and to give to this incredible organization.

Children's Miracle Network


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