Full Stop.


Three times yesterday I had to use my horn, something I rarely do while out on the road. The reason, a vehicle from another lane was starting to veer into my lane. Not on the line or awfully close but just drifting right into my lane like I wasn't there.

Now I do own a Volkswagen Beetle and I am aware of blind spots but this is something else. You are driving distracted and it needs to stop.

We all have done it, checked our phone while driving or at stop light fiddles with a social media post but we shouldn't. Not to mention it's illegal and we could ticketed for it, while distracted you can do some SERIOUS damage in a split second to yourself and others.

We all need the reminder as we whiz around in vehicles that could not only kill a small animal but injure if not kill others.

So how can we make some small changes?

Fix the Setting on Your Phone

Yes, we get it. You are important and people must be able to get ahold of you but if you know where you're headed and how long you will be, you can set-up your phone to send out a text message to anyone trying to reach you. It will say something along the line of, "sorry I can't come to the phone right now, I am currently driving." You can set it to say what you like but now you can fight the urge to check while knowing your caller is aware you aren't ignoring them.

Have a Family Member Control Your Device

If you aren't driving alone, allow the person in the front seat to be your navigator. No stress for you or the nervous nelly who is watching you swerve as you try to multi-task.

Hands-Free Baby

Splurge on a blue tooth head set, a phone clip where you can see the screen but don't have to hold it and you making fantastically safe driving choices

Can't Control Yourself?

If the urge is just too great and you want to form a healthier habit, throw that phone in the trunk. You won't be able to access it until you are safely to your destination and with the double action of setting up an automatic message no one is left wondering why they can't reach you.

Good luck and happy driving!

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