Yesterday I was sitting at a red light, minding my own business when all of a sudden, the car behind me let out a super aggressive honk. I looked up and noticed the light had turned green, I must have looked away for like a split second but it was enough for the car behind me to signal.

Were they in a hurry? Because the length and volume of the honk didn't feel warranted. Or is that just how they always honk?

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I immediately pumped the gas, turning into a double-lane road, and was happy when the driver behind me took the left lane to my right. Now I could take a gander at this honker. Sometimes I am distracted, doing this or that in the car, but not yesterday. Yesterday I was fully engaged with what was happening on the road so I wanted to make sure they got my clear honking message.

The Double Tap

I didn't roll down my window or even signal to the driver that I needed his attention, I just pulled up right next to him and let out two to three light little honks while I said, "see this is how you do it, it's called a courtesy honk." I sped away and continued on with my day as I am sure the aggressive honker did as well but thought about how I wanted to write a note for everyone out there.

How You Honk Says Something About You

If the red light has turned green and the car in front of you is sitting there. First, a courtesy tap on your horn is always awesome. If they don't move, by all means, you sit on that horn until they get it. If they freak out, especially if they are on the phone, feel free to let them know they are number one because they are in the wrong and wasting everyone's time.

When the Aggressive Honk is Warranted

When the car to the left or the right begins to slide into your lane, this isn't the time for a courtesy honk. No baby, you lay on that thing because this could end in an accident if you don't. They need to be aware of their surroundings.

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