Bachelorette parties have got to be a memorable night for both the bride-to-be and your crew. If you're looking to have a bachelorette party, and keep it local, instead of going to Las Vegas for your bachelorette party, consider these Yakima hot spots.

lotus room

The Lotus Room inside the Golden Wheel on 1st Ave is your pre-funk headquarters. The Lotus Room has been there for over 70 years right when the prohibition was lifted and there's no reason why. They always have drink specials, karaoke on the weekend and it's extremely convenient and accessible location, it's one of those places everyone knows where it is, The Lotus Room makes the the perfect way to kick off, or even conclude, any bachelorette party.

berts pub

Bert's Pub is a great way to start the evening. They have access to a banquet-style room which is a perfect location to hold a private party for just your group. When it comes time to opening embarrassing gifts, you won't have to worry about strangers watching on. Bert's Pub also houses fantastic food with plenty of food options ranging from 'pub' food to healthy salads and wraps. Lots of beer to get you going, Bert's Pub maybe be a great way to start off your bachelorette party in Yakima.


A great way to shake the butterflies and pre-party jitters is karaoke. One of the best places for karaoke in the area is The Stonehenge in Zillah. A quick drive from Yakima so if there's more partying to be had you may need a designated driver. The Stonehenge features karaoke, games and other things to make it a fun place to have a fun bachelorette party.


Just about every bridal party in Yakima brings bachelorettes to Jack-son's Sports Bar and Clubhouse Lounge. And why not? Up front it's your casual atmosphere with pool, great food, games on TV, ect. Then in back it's the Clubhouse Lounge with a live DJ, dance floor and non-stop flirting. One of the staff at the KFFM studios says "I believe it’s a way for the entire bridal party to show the guys that they can also 'hitch and ditch' just like they can." More often than not, there's usually one or two bachelorette parties happening every Friday and Saturday night at Jack-son's Sports Bar and Club House Lounge on the corner of 48th and Tieton.

Someone Else's Living Room


Hosting your own bachelorette party at someone's house is becoming more and more popular. No need for a designated driver, it's less embarrassing for the bachelorettes to view her 'gifts' in front of her friends and, best of all, it's at someone else's house so there no trace of any evidence that there was ever a party. This is particularly a good thing if you happen to hire a male stripper. If you're looking to host a party, Eve's Garden has everything you'll need from gifts, party favors - Everything, but the male stripper.

Those are our favorite spots and I'm sure you have your own favorites. Where did you go? One spot that seems to come up is Mel's Diner. Although it's usually not intended to be a destination spot, chances are good that you'll end up there sometime in the early hours the next morning before everyone heads home.

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