Who Runs The World?

... and her other half Jay-Z:

Now that they've worked through their issues and are stronger than ever -- CLICK HERE for the full story -- they have moved onto a 2019 anthem they would love for their fans to partake in: going vegan.

"Let's take this stand together" they say, explaining that switching to a plant-based diet is a matter of global importance. (CLICK HERE for that story.)

Have you ever heard of Veganuary? Apparently, this isn't a new trend to spend January abstaining from certain things. If you are, hey, more power to you -- and here are some tips!

Honestly, I really enjoy a delicious steak, eggs in many forms are bomb and I ate some chicken last night. Not to offend, but if you are going vegan you'll have to deal with people who don't want to hear about it.

I know cows are burping and farting, releasing gases into the ozone, but I still love a tall glass of ice cold milk. So fart away and if you are going vegan, thank you for taking one for the team :) Care to share your favorite vegan recipe? Maybe I will commit to one or two days a week -- we shall see. What about you?

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