Cash is King they say so while you are perusing social media today, why don't you head on over to CarToyz of Yakima and get in it to win $100 cash or possibly $50 for the runner-up if they reach their goal.

Anything helps in times like these and it's always fun to find out you randomly won a contest you might have even forgotten you entered. The more the merrier they say so here is another one for you!

The date to enter by for Cartoyz of Yakima is December 18th, 2020 by 10 am pst, so tell all your friends and family to go on over and write what you would use it for. Here are some examples.

Nickie would buy groceries


Karina wants to catch up on bills


Tesia said she would like to spend it on her kindergarten students


Michael says he would buy cookies for everyone at work because they can't have a Christmas party this year


Tracy would buy gifts for Rod's House Camp Hope

Lacy says if I won $100 Well I'd give it to my daughter because it's never too late to celebrate that 21st birthday. BTW her actual birthday is December 14th and she's home from college!

You can listen to some fantastic Christmas music currently being streamed on our website to keep you festive these days and I'm sending you positive vibes that you may receive all the blessings and strength you need to wrap-up 2020 like a boss.

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