It is that time of year again, loads of fundraisers to help keep our homeless fed and Saturday night was no exception with the 5th Annual Carve Out Hunger event at the Selah Civic Center. Thank you first off to everyone who showed up, donated on-line CLICK HERE if you didn't get a chance yet and for my fellow media who volunteered theirs skills...or lack thereof! ;)

Sheri Bissel does an incredible job putting this event together and was so happy to find out that 2018 has been their best year yet with a total number of 81,700 meals, over 7,000 more than last year being donated via Northwest Harvest! Woohoo

I took a few pictures of the event and HAVE to give a special thank you to those that provided the food and beverages. I was in heaven and huge shout-out to the person that baked that apple pie cupcakes. I had two because there is NO SHAME in my cupcake game :)

Carve Out Hunger 2018

We went gory with team K-Bull-FFM but you know we already have plans on how we will take the top prize next year. Will you be joining us? :)

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