There are several activities to get your child into in Yakima, such as gymnastics, karate, soccer, "itty-bitty" basketball, pee-wee golf and perhaps even tennis matches. If you are a parent of youngsters, you have probably spent a time or two waiting for them to finish playing at Kids' Castle (1015 E. Lincoln Ave., No. 102) inside Gymnastics Plus.

Now we can add a ninja gym to the list!

Gymnastics Plus owner Jeff Lutz is opening up a little ninja gym for kids! It will be located in Suite 102 at 1015 East Lincoln Avenue, right next to the Get Air Yakima trampoline center. Lutz confirmed by telephone that the public can expect the grand opening to happen right after Labor Day!

According to the Gymnastics Plus website, in addition to the ninja gym, the new center will also host tumbler and cheer.

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