Happy Wednesday everyone!

It's that time of the week again where we bring in our psychic medium Melissa Henyan and this is what she would like to cover today


"For today's topic, I would like to talk about fear- It's been coming up in probably 85% of my readings this week so I think it is a fabulous topic if you want to promote that. ❤ Fear from the viewpoint of a psychic medium. 😊

AND, maybe have people call in with their fears and phobias- Maybe I can pinpoint it for them... 😊"

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We will begin at 4pm and cover the topic, allow you the chance to call-in (we won't air your phone call live) 509-972-1073 and we also will then take readings via 107.3 KFFM's facebook page so if you aren't a follower yet make sure to like us so you will get the notification once it begins.

Melissa does this as her full-time job but she has been kind enough to offer up her services to our listeners, if only briefly each week. It has become a very fun segment so even if you are leery of asking the questions we keep it super positive and it never hurts to ask :)

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