So excited as always to invite everyone to join our psychic medium Melissa Henyan for questions, answers, and some deep discussions. If you have a photo you would like read please send it via the app.

There are a few weekly maintenance items to cover before we begin.

If you are wanting to connect with a loved one that has recently passed we asked that you wait a minimum of six months.

If you have a child that you would like read they need to be present and even then it's a case by case basis.

Melissa will not read people that are alive but not present. She explains it's like going through someone else's underwear drawer. Too personal and none of our business

We cover whatever kinds of topics come up based off of private messages we have received and any items that Melissa feels we need to touch on.

She is kind enough to do this for fun each week so if you are not read, please know she is available for full readings so go right ahead and book directly with her HERE.

We do a live reading on our 107.3 KFFM facebook page so if you haven't friended us I recommend it because once we go live it will hit you with a notification.

She will pull a card for everyone if she remembers to bring them, and once we open the conversation please be patient and wait to ask more questions. She loves positibe energy so you can listen and send hearts while she reads each person and then you can throw out your questions again.

We try to connect with as many as we can but again this is all for fun so please keep your mood and upbeat.

Ready? Because we will beginat 4 pm




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