For today...what about Pendulum use as a topic?

This is what our resident psychic medium Melissa Henyan messaged me earlier. I said, "please tell me more"

So pendulums have been around since the 1600's. They're a tool commonly used by psychics, healers and even holistic doctors (in France). They are commonly used to predict the sex of a child and I just learned that during the Vietnam war they were used by soldiers to locate underground mines and tunnels. Pendulums are a wonderful tool for many reasons so I would like to share some tips for using them to gain accurate information

Very interesting business. So how does this work? Every Wednesday at 4 pm we begin our topic on-air. You can call in and ask a question 509-972-1073. We also will do a live 107.3 KFFM facebook video that takes place about 4:30 pm for about a half hour. Please drop your question in the comments. It is not a guarantee that everyone will be read. We try and respond to as many as we possibly can so please keep in mind this is for entertainment purposes and if you really want one on one quality time it's best to book an appointment with Melissa, as she does do this for a living :)

If you haven't become a friend of our Facebook I definitely recommend it. Once we go live there should be a notification that pops up. Can't find the video? On the left-hand side of 107.3 KFFM facebook, there should be a place where you can click on videos and it will literally say. LIVE :) If you miss it I will be posting the video in here for you to reference. I know the information comes fast and sometimes we miss key information so please feel free to take the time to invite your friends and family. The more people you have with you sometimes it helps you to better understand who is attempting to connect with you!

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