Our furry friends are just the greatest, right? They are so incredibly happy to see us and we love to reward them with their favorite treats. But I am learning some of these treats can be deadly.

A few years back there was an adjustment made to most peanut butters, an added ingredient that could prove fatal to man's best friend -- it's called xylitol.

As little as 1.37 grams of xylitol can cause a rapid drop in a dog’s blood sugar (“hypoglycemia”) and result in staggering, disorientation, collapse, and seizures in a 30-pound dog*.

Always good to flip to the label to see what's up but for a quick guide here are a few peanut butters to stay away from

Now that we have covered peanut butter, what else is bad for your dog to consume? I never knew that I making our poor Gary-bear sick with frozen grapes, a big no-no.

Townsquare Media/Sarah J
Townsquare Media/Sarah J
  1. chocolate - toxic and can cause them to vomit
  2. bacon and other fatty meats - pancreatitis
  3. pretzels and foods with loads of salt - could cause sodium ion poisoning
  4. garlic and onions - could destroy their red blood cells
  5. milk, cheese, ice cream and other dairy products - can't process
  6. raw fish, eggs and meat - full of bacteria and parasites if eaten raw
  7. candy, gum and baked goods - many sweets now contain xylitol
  8. raisins - same as grapes could cause kidney and renal failure
  9. avocado - persin is in the leaves, seed and fruit which can be toxic in high doses

Think before sharing your next meal with them, even if they give you giant puppy eyes :)

Townsquare Media/Sarah J
Townsquare Media/Sarah J

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