Lyft is offering 50% off codes through and other voting nonprofits. They're also partnering with other nonprofits to give free rides to voters in under served communities.

Uber is offering $10 discounts for voters and is helping people find their precincts with in-app directions. They're also partnering with voting nonprofits for other election day transportation options.

CLICK HERE to enter your address and it will tell you where the closest drop off location is and also what time it closes down

Election 2018

D-Rez and I ended up going together to drop em off. Feels good be a part of something bigger. Yes it can get a little overwhelming but if you could please take a few minutes to open your ballet, read up on the initiatives and go for it. :) Exercise your rights, it's one of the beautiful things about our Country because we all get to do it together, regardless of WHO you are voting for :)

And for fun if you need a little background music while you are studying up on the candidates CLICK HERE for comedian Eric Schwartz's Get Out And Vote Song...if it gets stuck in your head like're welcome haha!

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