I know this post is coming late but I HAD to wait until ALL of the good stuff had arrived! What am I talking about? Oh just comedian Eric Schwartz creating a song specifically for Yakima and bringing us some Cultura! :)

Here's the interview he did with D-Rez before his show!

CLICK HERE for the live version of his incredible song at the show! :)

And gotta wrap it up with his latest Cultura video all about Cheese Zombies with Linda, the owner, of Shorty's Sweet Treats and Cakes! Find out if SHE knows what keistering is! hahaha ;)

Such a funny guy and definitely one to keep watching! If you haven't already become part of the #schwartzforce so you don't miss a thing going on with this funny guy. Until next time Eric. Thanks for giving us some great laughs in the PNW :) and a HUGE shout-out to She Bully Events for bringing him this way!


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