I don't know why I have been scared of yeast for so long. There was ONE time I tried to bake bread with it ... but I also didn't have the right flour, so there were really a few issues going on and it just stopped me. Until this weekend!

It's Christmastime and the first one that I am not feeling like a lump on a log when it comes to holiday treats -- eating them AND making them! :) Feeling a little low when it comes to eating? I have a support group for that! Join me at Get It Right! Get It Tight! :)

Anyway, I was searching Pinterest (incrediblez) if you'd like to follow me, I am kind of a pinning freak ;) and came across Cinnamon Crusted Knots, butter, sugar and yeast. OK, here we go and I am SO glad I did! They are DELICIOUS. I mean yeast smells kind of funky, but oh boy, what it turns into is SPECTACULAR!

baked by Sarah J
baked by Sarah J

I would LOVE to know the items you love baking this holiday season ... and if you are more of a consumer than a baker, I want to know that, too!

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