We have arrived to the most wonderful time of the year! :) With the possibility of snow on the horizon, the Christmas cards are beginning to arrive in the mail and I am pretty sure a lot of us are starting to turn on those ovens to make festive treats for friends and family. I tried my hand at Cinnamon Crusted Knots! OMG! CLICK HERE for the recipe because I repeat OMG! I had to bring the rest into the office so my husband and I didn't eat them ourselves.

baked by Sarah J
baked by Sarah J

As I opened a new 10-pound bag of sugar last night, I started wondering about something I've heard recently. Is real sugar worse for you than fake? Or is it the other way around? I know it's important to cut back on sugar, I have heard it's super addictive. But I have also heard that stevia and other forms of artificial sweetener are even worse for you than real sugar. It changes the body's composition ... that's just what I heard, SO being that we've got Pacific Northwest University joining us Tuesday (Dec. 18) starting at 4 p.m., I had to ask what the deal was and ... they are researching!

I invite you to join us and ask the questions you want answers to when it comes to the medical side of things! The students of Pacific Northwest University are studying to become the future doctors of our region so let's pick their brains while they are filling them daily with knowledge! You can call-in at (509) 972-1073, private message our 107.3 KFFM Facebook, friend us if you haven't already, because we will also be going live and you can interact with us :)

It's 'Do You Know?" with Pacific Northwest University. Stay a while, learn a lot and win some cool prizes for the holidays!

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