This morning I received a message from my friend Yvette who wanted to make me aware of a recent scam going around the Yakima Valley and beyond I would assume.

Door-to-door sales.

Some of it is SO obvious. Insert the duo that shows up at night with the baby stroller asking to do yard work. Are you flipping kidding me? First, there's probably not even a baby in that stroller. Second, what type of work are you planning on doing in the dark? Thirdly? What a dumb scam. Sorry for those that have fallen for it but, no. We're not doing this where we cater to these bums that can't figure out how to ask for help in a reasonable way. There are TONS of resources for every situation available in every city, just dial 211 to get started! Help me, help you!

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Yvette sent me a link for an app called NextDoor. It's a free app where you type in where you're located and anyone else in the area is now connected where you can share scams or random stuff going on in your area you should be aware of.

The current scam is from, "T-Mobile" I put that in quotations because it's not a T-Mobile worker, they are just trying to get your info to sell it or whatever happens next. The lady that was approached ALMOST got had, hesitated when they started asking for personal info and so she said she would be happy to wrap up the sale at the store's physical location. The salesperson flipped out. Accusing her of wasting their time! Sorry, NOT SORRY! Get out of here!

I hadn't experienced this type of aggression until we moved into our own home last year. Middle of the pandemic and some dude from a cable company is wandering around the neighborhood unmasked in 100-degree heat trying to get you to switch. He's only here for a little bit, he wants to come inside our house, just for water! No! Don't let them in your house. I.D or not, if it wasn't a scheduled appointment, NO! Let them overheat and hopefully find a new profession because everyone's stopped falling for this crap!

There are SO many scams, don't click on the links, don't open your door to strangers and DON'T give out your personal information over the phone.

Good luck and stay safe!

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