"You play ball like a girl!" Even though I am a girl, I LOVE this line. Classic Ham. What about, "you want s'more? Some more of what?" "You're killing me smalls!" The year was 1993. The average income was $27,540, an average movie ticket was $4.14, and what were the hottest movies that year? Jurrasic Park, Mrs. Doubtfire, The Fugitive and Schindler's List.

April 1st, 1993 The Sandlot made its theatrical debut and 28 years later it's still a fan favorite. Now you've got the chance this Friday to watch it on the big screen again, all thanks Holtzinger Fruit. I don't know if they've been planning this for years but this Friday, April 23d, 2021 at Holtzinger Fruit, they are all set to host a drive-in movie experience in their parking lot, located at 1312 N 6th Ave in Yakima. Beginning at 8:30 pm and wrapping up at 10:30 pm this will be a FREE drive-in movie featuring The Sandlot!


Concessions will NOT be available but you are more than welcome to pack your own snack OR you can order food from your favorite restaurant for delivery at a specified location.  You'll need to register your vehicle so don't delay.

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I remember back when Yakima still had a drive-in movie theater. I LOVED spending my summer nights hanging out with friends, catching a double feature while eating nachos and popcorn. I lost one of my favorite sweatshirts there and was thankful for the distraction the night I found out my parents were getting a divorce. The drive-in was in the big grass field where Apple Valley Dental and Braces is now located.

Thank you to Holzinger for such a cool spring opportunity!

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