This Saturday marks Yakima Valley's 64th annual Filipino-American celebration, the "Barrio Fiesta" from Noon-4pm*.

For just fifteen bucks (or free for kids under age 6 yrs old), you can come celebrate the rich, vibrant Filipino culture and food in the heart of downtown Wapato at the Filipino Community Hall. There will be a special traditional dance performance from the Batang Wapato youth troupe.

I will speak from experience and say that the food was so delicious. This year the volunteers will be serving:

Roast Pig
Spiced Adobo Chicken
Garlic Bok Choy and Crisp Vegetables
Cassava Cake
Coconut pudding
Steamed Rice Flower Cakes
Sweet Rice

We'll have to wait until October to celebrate Filipino-American History Month and enjoy the Community Harvest Dinner, but throughout the year, the community has programs that provide "leisure and cultural time activities, youth programs, cultural, educational, and historical preservation, networking, and outreach opportunities".

I went to the Filipino Community Harvest five years ago and we really enjoyed the experience. There was buffet style seating and servers brought you your food. My daughter was nearly a year old, and she left a huge mess of rice and vegetables on the floor. (In baby speak, that means the food was really yummy!) I felt so bad for the people who had to clean it up!

After the meal, we toured inside the temple. It was wondrous and solemn inside. I took lots of pictures but somehow they got erased them on my cell phone, so I'm sorry, I have no cool photographs to share here.

*For more information, call Rey Pascua at (509) 840-2266. The event location in Wapato is at West Second St and Satus Ave.

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