With the snow and ice on the ground and the winter chill in the air you need to find a place to warm up in Yakima. Here are a few that I use.

Pho King Crab, Joy Garden and Famous Burger and Teriyaki
When you're chilled internally, warm up internally by enjoying some awesome pho. This is the stuff dreams are made of.

Not that Costco, itself, is super warm, but there's that wall of heat when you first walk in. Just make sure you have trouble looking for your card so you can stand under that blanket of warm air.

West Valley Library
The beautiful thing about this place is A.) it's free and B.) they have a fireplace. Grab any random book and hang out.

Starbucks (or coffee house of your choice)
Like the pho idea, when in doubt, find a cozy spot and grab a warm drink. It'll warm your belly and your hands as you hold the cup.

The Gym
'Feel the burn' puns aside, any gym will do. It won't necessarily warm you up, but after working out for a while you'll appreciate the cold air.

That's my list, what's on yours? Tell us in the comments.

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