This weeks is our fall Seize The Deal auction as over 50 local items, most starting at 60% of retail, are auctioned off at massive savings in your benefit. As I browse the auction, here are a few I wanted to showcase and why I need them in my life.

Oakridge Montessori Summer Experience From June 19 - Aug. 30
Montessori was one of those magical places that I never had the opportunity to go there, but would love my kids to experience it. It's basically a summer school that your kids want to attend! I like how this also includes swim lessons -- something that may just save their life one day. And snacks are even included? Count me in!

Boudoir/Glamour Photo Shoot With Christel Clear Photography
Here's what I wanted to do. Instead of the boudoir session, I want to do a dudeoir session. That's basically me in my tight jeans and cowboy hat laying across the hood of a truck. I'm pretty sure I could pull this off. I know Christel Clear Photography can. Just a thought.

Three-Wheel Scout 3 Motor ScooterNow, I know what you're thinking, but hear me out. I attend a few conventions every year and being at said conventions involve a lot of walking. A lot of walking. By the end of the day it doesn't feel like I can ever walk again. That's why this would be great to have. Not only that, but with all that walking I'm not doing, I'll be saving money on buying shoes all the time from how quick I wear them out.

$1500 Certificate to Parry Jewelers
As if I needed a reason. That's $1,500 of instant 'get out of doghouse' as far as I'm concerned.

Heated Front Seats for Car, Truck or SUVThis is something my wife has been asking for for quite some time. We used a car one winter that had heated seats and my wife loved it. Something like this could be a great thing, especially in our cold northwest winters. We'd be all prepared.

There are several other items worth checking out in the Seize the Deal auction. See what's on the auction block and start bidding today! The auction ends at 7 p.m. Friday night so start bidding now.