Welcome to your weekend! The first week of 2021 is a wrap and boy do we all need a moment to catch our breath. It might not be officially on for you, or you are having to work this weekend but either way, let's have some fun.

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I was going through our prize closet and I noticed that I have a phone soap that went unclaimed so I figured in the age of Covid it seems pretty fitting to hook someone up with it courtesy of Pacific Northwest University. The fancy contraption will clean your phone of all the nasty things it picks up daily.

Sarah Johnson
Keep your phone free of germs

I know artist swag is always a favorite. Any Taylor Swift fans out there?

Sarah Johnson
Concert T-Shirts

Follow till the end to find out how to qualify.

Not your thing? Removing yourself from the real world for a minute might do the trick. We have movie madness available! Tons of digital downloads are at your fingertips and all you have to do is pick one of the following options via our app.

  1. Tell us why you love listening to 107.3 KFFM (double entries for an audio clip!)
  2. Provide a ghost story
  3. Message us via the app and let us know something you hope to accomplish in 2021

The winner will be chosen at 7 pm PST this evening, I'll message the winner for prize info and pick-up!

Want to see the selection of movies to choose from?

Movie Madness Options


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