I have to say having psychic medium Melissa Henyan in the studio every week has been fantastic! She will be in again this week and every Wednesday starting at 4 p.m. PST. We start by opening up the phone lines (feel free to call at 509-972-1073) you can even stream from kffm.com or even listen and call-in from our FREE app for your cellphone or tablet :)  I normally don't play the phone calls back but give a break rundown of what was said AND then we open it up for live questions on our facebook page CLICK HERE to add us, we have REALLY been enjoying bringing people on the screen so be ready to go live with us if you want)


Last week Melissa brought a topic with her that I REALLY appreciated. She wanted to talk about positive energy and prayers. Here is what she said;

Hi Sarah!! Okay so for tomorrow, I do have something I would like to share with listeners and I thought if I share with you we may remember. I'm going to write it down too. You know how we all ask for prayers or good thoughts coming our way? We ask, but we forget the importance of receiving...meaning to sit in quiet and let yourself receive it. So I'd like to bring that to peoples attention. ❤

Super powerful thought. We are constantly running around and multitasking so when you really are searching for some answers, we need to also search for that quiet moment to receive it. It's stuck with me every since and hopefully it helps you through your days a bit too :)

Feel free to join us every Wednesday. Get the family together and facetime this stuff. Sometimes YOU might not know what she is referencing but someone else in your family is there it all makes sense. Pretty awesome stuff and I really don't want you to miss the chance

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