What a wrap-up to the week! By this weekend those that have direct deposit set-up could be receiving their stimulus checks and those that have not in the weeks to come!

Central Washington State Fair Season Pass

It was announced that the Central Washington State Fair is back beginning Friday, September 24th through Sunday, October 3rd. Season Passes are now on sale now and coming up on the 22nd we will begin giving you a chance to win one for yourself!

Funtastic Friday's with Valley Mall

Your shot at $50 to spend at any Valley Mall business will take place at 12:25 pm today, make sure to have our app

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Because there will be some type of random info you'll need to tune-in for and answer via our app to win and you're walking away with $50 and a fancy new 107.3 KFFM mask!

Digital Downloadable Movies

There's nothing like kicking back on the weekend and watching a movie, would you be interested in checking out our vault of movies? Keep it tuned to 107.3 KFFM for a brand new selection coming soon as well. Check the below library and message us via the app, call 509-972-1073, or via social media to add a movie watchable within 10 minutes of inputting your code.

Adventure Awaits

From eating out, to going on adventures all across the State there are so many options to choose from when it comes to spending your free time. Do you garden? There's a lot of pre-prepping going on right now when it comes to planting and if you get your seeds started now by the time the last frost hits, you'll be good to go!

Valley Mall and More

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