What a fun Friday and SUPER informative! Thank you once again to Yakima Assistant Mayor Dulce Gutierrez for coming on my afternoon show to share what is happening in Yakima. We touched on opportunities for our locals to give back in many different ways!

Townsquare Media / John Taylor
Townsquare Media / John Taylor

CLICK HERE to watch the entire video and thank you so much to everyone who participated -- great questions!

Last week at the City Council meeting there was a vote on moving forward with a new pool in the inner city of Yakima as well as touching on the Henry Beauchamp Center --and YPAL! The board was just created and Dulce is on it. They are searching for people who are willing to give input on what they are searching for in a pool and community center. Get involved!

I asked what we need volunteer-wise and this is what she said;

The city has citizen and resident boards which all have their different ex arts commission - improve our community for example the art that is done on the electric boxes, community review board, also the pedestrian bike community, the historic preservation community those that have an appreciation for History, board of appeals is searching for assistance as well.

Also some really neat opportunities to shadow the members of the council if you are in high school!

This was such a great time and I really look forward to having Dulce come back. Feel free to continue to keep this message alive. Share with your friends, those who love to give back. I want out-of-the box ideas, so let's put our heads and come up with some awesome! :)



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