The holidays have come and gone and with it, sometimes your good mood. Did you spend way too much and now you're eating PB&J everyday? It's ok, you are not alone.

The kids went back to school today and it might be real quiet and nice at your house but the crankiness for each and everyone one of us can settle in fast if we're not careful.

After the holidays is the time when people start feeling some type of way so instead of waiting for the inevitable black cloud to loom why don't we work on giving back and keeping our good mood in tact.

It doesn't cost you anything to smile at people this week. Seriously, your smile could change someones crap mood into a bright diamond and then they pass that on to the next and next. What if you hadn't of smiled and instead shouted at that person?

Right now if you don't have anything nice to say, keep it shut.

When you notice your mind going into the dark area use this as a gentle reminder - I am not having a bad day, I allowed my mind to run wild and unchecked for a few and now I am fixated on something negative. Take some deep breaths and start thinking about lighter more positive things, what makes you smile?

You could check-out what kind of volunteering needs local places have like; Rod's House or the Yakima Humane Society. Want to get your hands dirty? Maybe try your hand at Habitat for Humanity or the Yoga Collective for some mind and body rejuvenation :) one of their teachers, Sharon Reyna will actually be kicking-off the show with me this afternoon at 2 pm so we can find out more about that one :) Message me via the app with any questions or if you'd like your non-profit featured.

Whatever it is that has you feeling some type of way know we all are going through it. Everyone has ups and downs but when those downs stay for an extended period of time it's ok to reach out and that's why mental health Monday is here as well :)

We have invited an expert in monthly to chat about all things having to do with mental health. It's ok to talk about this stuff. So if you are curious about something having to do with your mental health and happiness there is no time like the present to message us or call-in and gain info 509-972-1073.

:) Welcome to 2020 people. Time to start working on ourselves, like really do it, not just think about it and hope it get's better :)

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