Last night I was making Bahn Xeo I wanted to test out what it would be like wrapping them in spring roll wrappers. I've never used it before, but I love ordering spring rolls from Why Not! My Pho Kitchen and others so why not dive in and figure out how to make some of my own.

You definitely need to have patience and a light touch but they were fantastic, I even popped some in the air fryer for fun, loved the added texture, and then I remembered seeing a TikTok where this chick was frying them up into crispy pillows, like chips. So I tried it and they were delicious. Light and crispy but soft at the same time with a buttery aftertaste that makes you want to keep eating them.

I ate them with my dinner and dipped some in my Nung Chuoc sauce. Wild to use the spring roll wrapper in different ways within the same meal. I showed off my frying skills to my husband and he really loved the taste to, mentioning they probably would taste awesome with cinnamon sugar.

BAM! A copycat cinnamon twist from Taco Bell was born!

What You'll Need to Make Your Own

  • A package of rice paper
  • A pot for your oil
  • oil
  • tongs
  • paper towel
  • cinnamon and sugar

You can use whatever oil you have and pour enough in to cover the bottom, these suckers will soak it up pretty quick. I turned my pot up to high but if you want to save yourself from all the smoke I bet medium-high would be just fine. Make sure you don't have anything else going on at the same time because they take shape fast.

Cut your rice paper into strips or whatever sizes you like, not too small and you probably could even try the entire thing for fun as well. Once you see the oil start to shimmer drop one in and watch it puff up like a pillow!

You're not going to get the to twist but the texture is crunchy, light, and with a bit of a buttery aftertaste. Delicious.

Now drop those into a bowl of cinnamon and sugar toss or pour some over the top and you have a delicious treat that you made yourself~

Fried Spring Roll Wrappers

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