There was nothing more intimate than Garth Brooks Dive Bar Tour. He went all around the country to Dive Bars in multiple states and did up close and personal performances just like when he started out.

As we're trying to bring back more live music to the Yakima Valley why not invite Garth Brooks to bring his Dive Bar tour back and to the Valley. Sure he did a few shows on the westside but they don't live Country as we do out in Eastern Washington.

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Let's take a look at some potential bars that would be perfect for Garth Brooks to play.

Johnnys Lounge on East Yakima Avenue

Johnny's lounge is already the perfect atmosphere for live shows, with private rooms and a fully stocked bar this would be a perfect stop for Garth Brooks to perform and really get to meet his die-hard fans.

Hoops on W Lincoln Ave in Yakima

Hoops is a roomy bar, with a lot of fun activities like pool, darts, and your typical bar games there's no better place to go have a beer and meet up with friends for a good time. Now let's get to their back patio, beyond roomy, and their very own outdoor stage. Which just happens to be perfect for a concert like oh I don't know Garth Brooks Dive Bar Tour!

The Pub Of Yakima 

Loved by all the locals the Pub of Yakima is a staple spot in the city, with ice-cold beer, delicious mixed drinks, and food that can make your taste buds sing, the only thing it needs is a Dive Bar Tour to go down in history. It may have a lot going on inside but you move a few things around and you have the perfect setting for a show!

Brews And Cues

Loved by Yakimaniacs for their bartenders, amazing service, delicious drinks, and of course their pool tables this is a perfect spot yet again in the Yakima Valley. Even better they're not new to live shows, having put on concerts before they know exactly what they're doing when it comes to something like a Dive Bar Tour!

Did we miss your favorite spot? Want your bar to host the Dive Bar tour? Let us know with a message!!!

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