It's my birthday! Congratulations, because of my Mom and Dad we all get to celebrate while searching for a new job, first position, or entirely new career. It's never too late to create the life you want. It can feel scary but you can't grow if you don't go for it so let's start with the basics.

The List

Most jobs enjoy a bit of experience so start making a list of what you're good at, have done in the past, or even want to learn more about. I've found forcing yourself to learn something new helps get the ball rolling, I mean obviously, if you don't speak fluent Spanish yet don't apply but if you DO there are some pretty sweet interpreter positions available in many different fields. Use what already comes naturally to you and think outside of the box. Your job shouldn't define you so choose wisely but don't make it your world, this is what is going to pay the bills.

What If I'm Like 16

For the first-timers, 16-year-old and up, there are options like becoming a lifeguard or working as an ambassador at a clothing shop inside Valley Mall. If you love food or cooking and service getting a food handler's card is a requirement so be proactive and take the test. Also, search out non-profits that make your heart sing, they might have openings or first crack when they do. Yakima Transit will hold on to your application for as long as it takes and I'm positive they aren't the only ones.

What's Your E-Mail?

Your e-mail address leaves an impression. Is it Time to create a more appropriate e-mail address that can be used for work and non-personal stuff, easy to do and worth the minimal effort.

Social Media

As much as you want to be a free bird once a business hires you, you represent them. If you have a good resume and continually get passed over for a position maybe it has something to do with that rant you posted about getting food poisoning at such and such spot or the video you shared about handguns, how about the one where you are high as a mother showing off your dab rig. Seriously, it's not that you can't have fun on your personal pages but that photo of you ripped is being looked at by the company you just applied for with a no-drug use policy, they didn't like it. Your resume just got thrown in the trash. To each their own but it's something to be aware of.


Having a spot with all your job information, references, and more will help the process of applying for jobs much easier. Then it's basically copying and paste for the basic info with customization to best fit each position you're applying for. The more you apply for the more callbacks you will get and with your fancy new e-mail address and your social media pages looking nice and business appropriate, you are my friend are setting yourself up for major success.

I wish you the best of luck and CLICK HERE to find the most recent job listings! Go forth and be happy.

Love, Sarah J (not just a DJ but also a business degree holder) I got you!

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