Welcome to Episode Three of: 'Tater Thoughts': Musings of a Golden Retriever.

From the fertile mind of Tater Tot Stephenson, the golden retriever member of the Stephenson family. (By the way, for the record, my mind is all that is fertile, following the neutering incident of 2020).

Having just recently turned 1 year old, many marvel at how well I deal with the pressure of having to live up to the public persona, being the only dog in the civilized world with his or her own blog. I must say, however, the human world has seemed a little less than civilized lately, What's the deal with y'all? Life is good. Just sniff unto others as you'd have them sniff unto you. Pretty simple. But, enough about your problems, let's talk about my day.

Brian Stephenson

I began the day with a dip in the pool. I know, it's a dinky wading pool. However, the hole I'm digging should be sufficient for an Olympic sized in-ground by next summer.

Brian Stephenson

Next, Mom takes me on my morning walk through the neighborhood. Saw a raccoon, some birds, and two weird cats, Weird, because they appeared to be chasing an elusive body-less creature. Maybe an invisible clown or something. Creepy. Then, they spotted me, which caused me to bark and they ran under a Buick. We concluded our walk with a stop at my favorite coffee jump-up window for a pup cup and treat.

Brian Stephenson

Then, we get to the Earthwise Pet Nutrition Center & Wellness Spa for a little pampering. Hey, I don't make a habit of jumping up but this young lady was so glad to see me! I knew she was wearing her mask and following social distancing protocol but - she's adorable and I couldn't resist!

Brian Stephenson

Um, okay, I jumped up one other time, but there's a bowl of goodies up there and this lovely lady loves me too! I smell terrific, my coat is shiny and smooth, and they helped me not freak out when I heard the blow dryer come on. Is it possible that I'm even better looking than before? Yes. Yes it is.

Brian Stephenson

Chillin' with my sister. (She's adopted and not a Golden Retriever. Don't say anything) .

Boy. What a day. I'm spent. If you want to check out Earthwise Pet Nutrition Center & Wellness Spa, CLICK HERE for their website.

Tater Out!

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