I received a voicemail from Richard who is part of an incredible group of locals who want to help if you need it. All you need to do is admit you want to change and commit to working on yourself. They will take care of the rest! Grupo 24 Horas Yakima is a bilingual group, a non-profit that is comprised of members who have been through the struggle and are reaping the benefits of not only a sober life but a support system.

It could be alcohol, drugs or a number of addictions but know if you are sick of the cycle it can be broken. Also letting you know there is an upcoming event Sunday, May 5th at Noon at the southeast community center. Food, family activities and it would be a great chance to learn more.


The video cut off just a bit but I will also be adding in the audio from our talk on-air. Stay tuned


When you are in deep sometimes it feels like there is no way out. That no one would want you or is willing to deal with you after the mess you have become. That's just not the case. It doesn't have to stay this way. Reach out and change will come!

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