Welcome to the weekend and also national red wine day!

Currently, I'm on a seven and seven kick but a few days back for my eighth wedding anniversary red wine and steak was the route we went for celebrating.

A friend from college had created her own wine The G.O.A.T and I love drinking it now

Margaux has always had a passion for the outdoors and this lead her to creating her own line of wine aptly named G.O.A.T

but I didn't grow up with wine drinking parents so I wasn't really aware of just how many varieties or what to pair them with until I got into college and my roommate Clerisse introduced me to red wine. A dark cabernet sauvignon that we drank while eating chocolate. It was rich and I believe I ended up waking up with a headache but that didn't stop me. Friendly tip, it's always a good idea to make sure to drink as much if not more water than wine and also take some headache medicine before bed, just in case.

Wine is an acquired taste for sure but if you are willing to keep at it, you could find an incredible one just for you. Friendly reminder, in this area we have access to so many different options and wine tasting is the best. You could put together your own charcuterie board based off of sips and have an at home experience. No one has to drive and you will feel the heavenly buzz that a proper wine gives you.

Now let's do a little pairing for you.

Red goes with meats and mushrooms, spaghettis with the heavy red sauce. Macaroni or slices of gouda, lamb, roasted turkey.

For not so dark reds you could with salmon and seafood, fruity salads or flatbreads and now we have arrived to my favorite and probably most deadly addition.

Popcorn, truffles, greek style cheese pies, fig and olive tapenade, meatballs, grilled chocolate sandwich, gnocchi Verde (never heard of it before and now I am super intrigued) fennel and mushroom pate and more!

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