I got it! The teachers used to have the kids play my favorite grade school game, 'Heads Up Seven Up', to see who the cheaters were. Right?

Well, according to my friend, Ali, a teacher in the Sunnyside school district, she denies it. But, still, you have to figure that with all of that cheating going on in that game. The kids peeking through their hands, trying to catch a glimpse of who touched their thumb and have them guess who did it, why wouldn't they? Once a cheater - always a cheater.

Did I cheat? Of course I did, but I did it very sly-like so I wouldn't get caught. The kids who were cheating always tried to peek at the one who was touching their thumb. Me? I assumed the position you see in the picture, but what you can't see is that I'm looking at the floor. As soon as my thumb was touched, I looked at the shoes of the culprit. It didn't always work as sometimes they'd hit me from an angle that I couldn't see, but worked most of the time.

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