I couldn't help myself and stepped on the scale...on day two of taking better care of myself. Not a shocker I had gained two pounds. I decided this go-around to add-in working out right off the bat so I knew muscles would pop my weight up but I also know I will be receiving results faster. Worth it!


Try and set a day and time each week to weigh yourself and stick to it. No need to keep going back and obsessing about the tick up or down on a daily. A full week of healthy eating and working out should give you a good indication of what you did has helped or if you need to make more adjustments. That being said, I also got onto the scale yesterday and was happy to see I had lost what I had gained and more but my real week-long weigh-in will be Monday so just letting you, we're all a work in progress. I'm am pumped because I'm putting in real work!

Things I've Discovered

  • The workout plan I have been doing every day is pretty awesome. It targets my lower belly fat and is getting more intense as I get stronger. Pick areas you want to work on and shocker, you don't need a gym or even equipment for a lot of these. Don't let that stop you from starting at any time on any day.
  • I don't know about you but I am a major saver of work-outs and recipes, I pin like a maniac so I chose to wander through my Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest, and low and behold I found more than enough meal prep ideas to get me started
  • Switch up your foods and meals so you don't get bored but also, no need to overmake. For dinner, I chose Turkey Chili, Immitation Crab Sushi Wraps, or Tuna and cucumber mix with some whole wheat rice cakes. Each breakfast I work on getting about two servings of veggies with eggs whites, scrambled eggs, or over-easy babies. Lunch is something I need to work on, every day this week I have eaten slices of turkey on lettuce with mustard and pickles. I put it in my tracker and the sodium is through the roof so I switched to grapes for a nice crisp crunch.

Join the Movement

There's a group on Facebook called Get It Right! Get It Tight! that I run for free. It's a great spot to grab a bit of inspiration and share your thoughts, meal tricks, and workout tips. I am no trainer or health professional so my co-runner of the group is Michelle Winicki, a certified trainer and health coach. She was the one that helped with my weight loss a few years ago. She keeps it real and doesn't buy into fads.

Taking care of yourself is SO important and so worth it. My sweats are already feeling a touch looser, I am able to drink more water without gagging and my muscle is getting stronger. I can't be the only one with a bit of back pain. If you do nothing else this week. Try rolling up a towel and placing it against a wall. Scoot your booty right up to the wall and get the roll underneath your lower back so your legs are straight up and as close to the wall as you can. Set a timer for 10 or 15 minutes and enjoy with the back of your hands touching the floor on either side of your head. This will relieve sciatica pain, help with blood flow and it feels amazing. Trust me, you'll want to start doing this before you go to bed.

Week One Meals

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