Hide your wives, hide your kids because the heat is coming and it looks like it will be here for a bit.

Today we will be reaching 99

Tuesday 102

Wednesday 100

Thursday 104

Friday back down to a cool 95

Now, this is all subject to change, because weather, but Accuweather is warning it's going to be a doozy so we might as well prepare.

If you were planning on doing any sort of outdoor activity it's best to plan ahead and get that business handled early. Once the heat starts to rise, it's staying. It will still be about 87 degrees this evening so if you have airconditioning awesome, get it fired up.

For those of you who have don't and are strategically placing fans around the house, I have read that putting bowls of ice in front of your fans works really nice. You can make cool packs place on the back of your neck or use for your temples. Any pulse point on your body like wrists loves a little cooldown and it will help keep your body temperature regulated.

If you have dark blankets or sheets you can hang them over windows that get direct sunlight streaming in.

A few years back my husband and I purchased a black paper shade from Home Depot that lasted for years and was perfect to keep a room cooler.

Make sure you are drinking more water than normal and pay attention to your animal's water dishes if they need to come inside because they will have no shade, do it, and please for the love of God check the pavement before you walk them. Early morning or late evening when their paws won't get scorched. Check-out my 10-second sidewalk test if you aren't sure.

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