Another week with another box of fresh veggies to tackle! This time one of the biggest items was something I have never seen or even heard of, Kohlrabi, from the cabbage family. You can pickle it (Fat Pastor's suggestion) which I will once I grab some peppercorns so the first introduction to kohlrabi was the apple and radish slaw recipe that came with the box and it YUMMY!

Fresh lemon juice and oregano, mixed with olive oil, salt and pepper, radishes, and apples cut into matchsticks which I have never attempted before but enjoyed figuring out.

I also have been working on my snack game and I have to say fresh blueberries from our valley with almond butter as SO good! I want to make some blueberry muffins but at the same time

Pacific Northwest Fresh Box

*That is Kohlrabi, not a giant green onion.

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