We learned at least two things at this week's Downtown Summer Nights concert:

  1. Indigo Kidd is growing up to be a formidable talent.
  2. Blake Noble has a lot of friends.

Two of Yakima's favorite bands had North Front Street cheering and jumpin' Thursday night, and both delivered performances that'll keep the town warm well into the winter.

The hometown opening act, Indigo Kidd, put on a set that showed the band's sound and stage presence are maturing by the month. Meantime, Seattle's Blake Noble -- an Australian who's had a soft spot in his heart for Yakima ever since playing his first Stateside show here four years ago -- held the crowd transfixed with another of his signature multi-instrumental mixes accented with the primal sounds of his native land's didgeridoo.

And to the delight of the crowd, a few of Noble's friends dropped by and sat in on a few songs -- Ty Paxton of Yakima's The Common Deer, Seattle vocalist Kaylee Jorene Tilton, and local musician and live-music evangelist Cody Beebe of Chinook Music Festival and Cody Beebe & the Crooks fame.

In all, it made for an airy night of dancing, dining on local foods and imbibing in fine wines, brews and coffees.

If you were there, you know what it felt like. If not, here's a little of what it looked like:

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