Oregon is known for being weird, of course, it has so much more to offer. Now when we say weird we don't mean it in a bad way, more so in a proud way. However they've also produced some fantastic art, of course, today we're talking about it in the form of music.

So let's take a look at this list of the three most famous musicians to come from Oregon and the effect they had on the world around them. If you feel like we missed anyone or someone else deserves to be on this list let us know!

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3.) Amine

Amine is a local artist from Portland Oregon, he's actually newer to the music scene than the other two choices. The reason why he's featured on this list is due to his newfound superstardom. Even finding his way onto the Billboard top 100 charts at number 11 for his song Caroline. He's a rapper that showed up on the scene in 2017 and has already left his mark. He's also been featured on Jimmy Fallon and a few other late-night shows to showcase his talents.

2.) Everclear

One of the most popular bands of the 90s and has been touring since. The band is from Portland Oregon and found stardom from their song second single Santa Monica. The band was searching for their stardom when dealing with a bidding war for who got to sign the band in 1994. The band would be signed by Capitol Records, the same record company that had Signed Nirvana, Sonic Youth, Counting Crows, and more. There's not a Rock Station in the Country that doesn't have Everclear playing almost every hour. You can still catch them on tour if you're lucky enough and they put on one amazing show!

1.) Elliot Smith 

Elliot Smith took the World by storm with his in-depth lyrics and heart-wrenching songs. A man who was unafraid to share his pain with the world but one who also struggled with many of his own demons. Elliot found his superstardom from his single Needle in The Hay, which was the story of addiction, mental illness, and loss. Elliot Smith himself battled with many of these issues but would go on to release album after album and continue to find success, sadly Elliot passed away at the age of 34 years old. His death was ruled as a suicide but could never be concluded as one as there wasn't enough evidence to truly point to one direction of the circumstances of how he passed away whether he took his own life or it was a homicide.

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