Christmas is the one time of year we should all be thinking about giving, but before you go out buying we decided to share a list of the top five gifts every Washingtonian receives. Not a gift they get every year, but the obvious gifts we always get solely because we're from Washington.

So let's have some fun and see what we all have in common when it comes to Christmas time, We'll reflect on Christmas past, present and future while going down this list. These are the gifts every Washingtonian will receive at least once in their life, so let's dive in.

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5.) Sweater

There's nothing like unwrapping that new yearly sweater from your grandparents. Of course, there's no telling what size it'll come in, but it's always the thought that counts.

4.) Starbucks Gift Card

Being a Washingtonian everyone assumes we love Starbucks, here's a little secret, we do. Some prefer extra fancy coffee, but for the rest of us, Starbucks is an easy little stop with a bunch of delicious drinks and snacks. Even tho we get them every year, it doesn't mean we want them any less.

3.) Jumper Cables 

New Driver? Doesn't matter, one of the most common gifts in Washington state is a pair of Jumper Cables and we've all gotten them at least once since we turned Sixteen. Granted, this doesn't mean we're ungrateful, more than likely they've come in handy a few times.

2.) Socks

Who doesn't get socks for Christmas? We honestly get them almost every year, however, each and every year we become more and more grateful for them, don't worry kids, this doesn't kick in until you're an adult.

1.) Snow Jacket

Every three to four years you should expect a new snow jacket, mom doesn't want you catching a cold out in that Washington Weather. Once again it's pretty cool when we're young, then by the time, we're 14 we see that Playstation-sized box and are a little bummed out when we open it to a new jacket. However, once you hit 19 there's nothing better than a new winter coat!

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