My son Jaron, as you may or may not know, has autism. Last year we went through a horse therapy course at Pegasus Project and he absolutely loved it. We started back up this week and, as you can tell by this picture, he was more than overjoyed to be back!

Not to spoil the picture, but he's attempting to pop a bubble in a very 'Hallelujah' type pose.

Pegasus Project provides horse therapy for those who could use it. When I first heard about it, I thought it sounded like he'd find it fun, but I, admittedly, didn't see the therapeutic use behind it. Sure, he walks around on a horse but I didn't know how much was involved until I was attending his sessions.

While, yes, it is fun, it's also for learning. Something about the rhythms of the horse walking calms his core enough to focus on some tasks like color arranging or focusing on popping individual bubbles (as opposed to just slapping everywhere in the air to pop them all). It also helps his speech. If he politely says "go", the horse will move forward. If he demands "GO!" the horse won't budge proving that yelling your requests won't always work.

As my son is learning every day, as am I on the universe he lives in and I can hope to see things better through his eyes.

If you happen to have a son or daughter who shows signs of autism or you have more questions, I would encourage you to ask the pros as Children's Village. They have helped my family immensely and we'd be lost without them.

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