What the duck is this even about?

I don't know what you did with the first half of 2021 but Larissa Leon, a Junior at Sunnyside High School, decided to enter the #StuckatProm Duct Tape Scholarship Challenge sponsored by Duck Brand. Her dress was created by hand and made entirely of duck tape!

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Hold please while I slow clap for this lady! I asked her how much this gorgeous creation weighs! She said, "a lot, it takes about an hour to put on!"

Her love of duct tape runs deep. When she was little she was creating purses and even a mermaid tail she used in the pool!

According to the Sunnyside School District Facebook page

Leon took inspiration from her years as a Folklorico dancer, wanting her dress to be colorful and full of movement. The dress, which is full of floral detail, took 47 rolls of duct tape to complete.
The contest is in the last stages with five finalists being announced at any moment. Let's all give Larissa a huge round of applause for her amazing work! To check out her dress and the other contestants CLICK HERE
So many talented entries and there are loads that could make the top five BUT I have to say, Larissa Leon's is THE BEST one out there. Detail-wise, design and overall flow. From far away you can't even tell it's duck tape! Imagine how sticky that work must have been. Cutting, designing, and laying different pieces to create this incredible piece of wearable art. Way to go, lady, best of luck to everyone, and fingers crossed you walk away with a scholarship because it's TOTALLY deserving.
Think outside the box when it comes to applying for your scholarships, left-handed red-haired and apparently duck taped options are available!

Larissa Leon's Duck Tape Dress


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