This is totally the kinds of friends with benefits I can get behind. Pampering yourself is one of the most important things you can do for yourself and those around you. When you take time to take care of yourself you are in a better mood, more productive and kinder. We could all use some pampering right?

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You can message us via the app right now and let me know when the last time you pampered yourself was, you'll be entered to win January's Beauty Bundle from Studio 16 Salon and Spa!

It features a gorgeous Aveda box filled with all kinds of goodies. Products that are featured in Studio 16 Salon and Spa membership program. A gift certificate for a scalp treatment and also a blow-out plus a hydrating shampoo and conditioner from Aveda called Nutriplenish and Be Curly Styling gel.

January's Beauty Bundle from Studio 16 Salon and Spa

Enter today and the winner will be announced Friday, January 29th 2021 at 5 pm PST.

Here are some of you already in the running and how long it's been since you've been pampered. Tis time ladies and gents, tis time. I suppose I should mention this isn't just for ladies. Well, maybe the blow-out but the products don't have a girly scent, anyone can use them!

  • Maria of Yakima hasn't done anything with her hair in two years
  • Babygirl of Yakima says the only free time she gets is when she's in her car alone and as far as pampering it's been months
  • Lilie of Yakima is just pumped to get the opportunity for a gift of pampering
  • Melissa of Yakima is ready to win
  • Leah hasn't experience any sort of pampering since last July and she is ready
  • Anna of Yakima has her fingers crossed
  • Jennifer of Yakima is a health care worker ready to get in on some serious pampering

Add your name to the list today and listen for your name to be drawn. Stay tuned as well because the month of February will be filled with pampering as well :)

Studio 16 Salon and Spa is all about the pamper

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