For many Native Americans across the country. It is known as the Pow Wow trail. A lot of Pow Wow's across the country. Have been canceled or postponed. Due to the Corona Virus.

The Yakama Nation Legends Casino Hotel. Was getting ready for another pow wow. After ten years the Legends Casino pow Wow returned May of 2019. Dancers, drummers, vendors, and spectators traveled far and near to attend the pow wow. Even Academy Honorary Award Winner Wes Studi. Well known Native American actor from the Cherokee Nation was in attendance.

Events that were scheduled to take place at Legends Casino Hotel. During the pandemic were either canceled or postponed. The pow wow that was scheduled for May 22 - 24, 2020. Was one of the events that have been canceled.

The casino closed down March 18, 2020. To help prevent the spread of the Corona Virus. According to their website. The casino will be closed through June 7th. But a reopening date has not been determined. Updates on the casino's closure can be found at

Here are some pictures I took from the 2019 pow wow.

Legends Casino Hotel Pow Wow 2019




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