I've lived in the Yakima Valley for almost a year now, before moving here I heard a lot of negative things about my new home. However, living here I still hear things that even locals don't like about Yakima.

That being said, a good amount of the hate is from people who've never stepped foot in the Valley. So we're gonna go over the Top Five things people claim to hate about Yakima and see if they're valid or not.

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5.) There's a Drug Epidemic

Are people wrong to say there's an epidemic in our city? It's no secret that there is but at the same time there's a drug epidemic across the country including in multiple cities in Washington. Instead, people should focus on the good the Yakima Valley has done to help those in need and fight their addiction. Tho they're not wrong it's very over-exaggerated and doesn't go as far as the horror stories people have made up.

4.) Violence in our communities

This one was beyond laughable to me when it was brought up at a family dinner. Tho people claim we're all at each other's throats and fights break out every day. I've yet to see any fighting our a community that doesn't care for one another. The number of different outreach programs, charity events, and community programs within the Valley.

3.) Everyone is a Redneck

This leaves even the Rednecks in Yakima a bit confused, is our town a little more blue-collar? Sure, but there are hard-working men and women going out and committing to making their town a better place and building a better tomorrow. There's a whole mix of people out here and most people are loving and caring for one another. Last I checked to be a little redneck wasn't such a bad thing.

2.) Bad Drivers

Another extremely laughable blanket statement, people actually believe that everyone in Yakima is a bad driver. Being someone that was born and raised in Western Washington I can tell you from first-hand experience it is so much worse over in the Seattle-Bellevue area than Yakime it honestly doesn't even come close.

1.) Crime In The Valley is worse than Anywhere Else

Is there crime in Yakima, of course, there is, but claiming it's worse here than anywhere else in Washington State is pure stupidity. Looking at any crime rate in Washington will show you why that statement is false and made up of pure rumors. There's a problem with Crime in Yakima but not any more than in other cities such as Tacoma, Kent, Federal Way, Seattle, Everett, Spokane, etc.


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