This morning my husband filled me in he had attempted to meditate with Headspace! :) He only made it through a few minutes because he said he kept laughing. All he could see while the lady was telling him to calm his mind was me floating around making ommmmmm noises!

For some reason I pictured myself floating in space doing the same thing! I don't make those noises but maybe I should start!

He was curious how I keep a straight face and I said, "honestly, I listen while I am doing something else, like driving. So I don't close my eyes!" I know, I know. You are supposed to find a quiet place to do this and sometimes I find it but I just LOVE a good multitask so that is how I have been able to fit it in each day. :)

I encouraged him to try again, maybe not 10 minutes right off the bat but I LOVE the fact there are options of three, five, or 10 minutes because you never know how much time in a day you will have before you get interrupted. Baby step your way from three minutes to five minutes and honestly I am fully aware that by multitasking I am not completely paying attention to anything so that will be my challenge to myself. Focusing on one task, taking that moment to connect with me daily.

One of the biggest benefits of meditation is working to lower your stress.  and honestly, that's what it's all about.

Meditation is free, there are tons of choices on various apps and youtube so what are you waiting for?

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