I am still swinging by Coffee Cravings on my way to the studio for the afternoon show, supporting local and all, when the owner, Mayra stuck her head out of the window and said she's got a friend who is working on collecting donations for our medical workers. She was putting together jugs of coffee to give them options based on the most popular flavors and wanted to know if I could I help, uh yes!

When this friend, Marsha, decided she would reach out to the local restaurants to obtain food donations, she was blown away with the response! And since the first call has been busy preparing a food train of volunteers to pick-up and drop off.

I was going to be a part of it today but she had SO many volunteers there was no need so I just asked for photos to help spread the good deeds along to the public.

They delivered for sure

Food donations in Yakima

I know there are businesses that I am missing so please let me know and I will add you. Marsha worked with each restaurant so each donation of food was wrapped so workers wouldn't risk touch everything else, no platters. The care and extra time that takes is super.

This is such a strange time and it's moments like this, where Marsha, who is blind and has a compromised system, stepped up with one of her talents, talking on the phone to bring home the point we are all in this together. It takes a village and even when we need to stay six feet away from each other, we can still move mountains and change lives.

Stay safe and keep the heartwarming stories flowing because we all need to hear them!

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