This weekend I did something just for me.

I wrapped up a course on crystal healing, not as an alternative for regular medicine, but an addition to create balance.

A bit on how they're are formed and how to create positive energy and assist in moving blocks of negative energy. The chakras and the difference between gem water and elixir. I feel mimosas might play a larger role in my life. :) I learned where to place crystals around your space to promote positive energy to aid in transforming goals and desires. Plus a brief section on Fung Shui, the art of creating a harmonious space.

Timing, always, makes me smile. I truly believe that when you are up to good things, the universe presents you with or directs you to items to help along the way. I'm about to move into a new office and wasn't sure where to begin, now I do.

I am going to use crystals and stones to Fung Shui my space and maybe, it's time for you to fiddle with your space too.

The goal is to create a space that keeps you productive but also relaxed and I am excited to be more mindful when decorating a space.

Career - North

Wisdom & Knowledge - Northeast

Family & Health - East

Wealth & Prosperity - Southeast

Fame & Reputation - South

Marriage and Relationships - Southwest

Children and Creativity - West

Helpful People & Travel - Northwest

Your elements are Earth, Air, Wind, Fire, and Water.

Fung Shui and Things





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