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If you like candles, light some or make a candle and journal for a few minutes. Write out everything that comes to you and finish it up with your chosen affirmation. Tear out the paper, roll it up, speak your affirmation out loud, and be careful not to start a fire and burn it. Take a moment to breathe in and out, if you can be barefoot on the grass or dirt, even better. Watch the smoke drift and as it disappears, so do your burdens. Relax and release your fear, anger, and sorrow, then soak up strength, peace, and kindness.

Make a bundle of herbs to burn. I love going around my garden and making dried lavender bundles. I added rosemary, mint, rose petals, and even eucalyptus sometimes to burn while journaling or just to smell. Each herb carries different meanings so whatever you have, I like to think that's what you should use. I can always make you one too @sarahjthedj

Sage and palo santo can be purchased at a few places around town to open your thoughts, welcome messages, and connect with the moment

You could fill a glass container with water and set it outside to charge under the moonlight. Grab it before the sunrises or before you go to bed so you can use it in the morning for your bath, tea, to wash your face or hair, make oatmeal, water your plants, and beyond.

You could meditate, go for a walk, do yoga or just take a quick peek at that beauty and reassure yourself that everything is going to be ok

Let me know your plans and have a wonderful evening,

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