If you've been looking up at the night sky and catching the moon, you might have noticed it's getting awfully round. The last full moon of summer happens tonight/early morning depending on where in the World you are looking at it.

Sarah J
This was taken last night while the smoke was beginning to fill the evening sky and changing the color of the moon

I've gotten into the habit of paying attention to the phases of the moon and also setting intentions when I get the chance. There's something really relaxing about lighting some candles, burning sage with lavender, and pouring my heart out on slips of paper.

I read somewhere that writing each of your intentions 10 times on a piece of paper works well. Honestly, I kind of let my mind wander and write out as many as appear while I am getting ready. Take all your slips of paper and you can use a bucket or some kind of fire-safe contraption where you can burn your intentions under the light of the moon and the ashes won't go flying off to start more fires than our area is already dealing with.

Interested in an example?

Some people take their crystals out at this time and let them charge under the moon, you could even create moon water by filling a jar with water and letting it sit out overnight. Before the sunrises grab your jar and drink up all that moon energy.

This full moon is referred to as a corn moon or full harvest moon, back in the day this moon signaled that it was time to harvest the corn. Does anyone have an awesome corn recipe? :)

The moon will be at it's fullest around 10 pm PST and about 1 am on September 2nd, 2020.

Let go of what's not serving the greatest good for you and shake off the past because we are moving into a new season. You are worth it and even if it feels a little silly, who cares? Are you hurting anyone by taking a bit of me time to think about what you want out life?

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