The list is so long when giving back to others. It can be as simple as smiling more at strangers or making an appointment to give blood.

If you baking is your thing, how about some sweet treats for your favorite business or person?

Recently on social media, I've seen groups being created like gift-a-gal or even surprise booze drop-offs!

It doesn't have to cost you anything but making a point to look for ways to give back and outside of your circle is so important to your mental health and the mental health of others.

Food is my love language so I will share my favorite burrito recipe. Chorizo con papas :)


The biggest tortillas you can find

Your choice of beans (refried or black beans are great)

Your choice of cheese (Mexican Blend or Mozzarella are favorites)



Pork Chorizo

The Papas (potato) you can peel and chop up and pan-fry, oven bake or grab your favorite frozen mix for convenience.

1) Your potatoes take the longest, drop a touch of water in the pan before adding your chorizo, cheese added to beans is divine, at least 50 whisks at least while fixing your scrambled eggs and right before they are done hit em with that cheese and Tapatio for the finish is perfection.

2) If you are planning on making a lot of them, wrapping them in tinfoil and setting them in a warm oven is great.

This is very filling comfort food that can be eaten for breakfast, lunch, or dinner. #HappyEating

Chorizo con papas

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